Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The new world will never come!

A few months back we had our CO visit. We were talking about different field service experiences that we've had and other developments in the organization throughout the world. He then jokingly said "Man, with experiences like these the new world will never come! There is just too much work still!!

Here's a fun experience I had recently:
One day we were preaching in a newly developed territory. There seemed to be what amounted to an indefinite number of newly constructed homes. Now, new territory is always exciting right? It's in a different area than you're used to, different people, families... A nice change of pace. However, while these things stand true, new territory in Bolivia isn't always a walk in the park as the saying goes. Although the homes are there, getting to these homes can be an adventure in itself.

This particular morning I was working with a newly unbaptized publisher. After walking miles throughout this territory we get to the final part. Finally. The brother directs Jeni and I along this very narrow alleyway that leads to about 10 other homes. Reaching the end of the alleyway, we realize that we are on a large hill looking upon the roofs of these 10 homes. "How will we get down?" Walking a bit further we see a rather steep, dirt walkway. It had rained buckets the night before so the dirt is now slick mud. There is no other option. Great. Hearts racing, we start to head down. Step, slide, giggle was the process of our trek down. We made it alive....only to find ourselves face to face with two barking dogs. After miraculously getting passed them, we make it to Lydia's home.

Lydia is a sweet 19year old girl with 4 other sisters. They were preparing lunch the day we visited them outside. They invited us to come sit with them as they cooked and we shared our presentation. After listening intently and responding favorably, magazines were placed. Lydia began looking through the magazine and caught a glimpse of the bible teach book photo on the back cover. Her eyes lit up and asked me if I had that book. I told her that I didn't have one with me but I could bring her one. She asked for 3 books for herself and her other sisters. I told her I would bring them that weekend. She then said, "you promise you'll come?" "I promise." I replied. "For sure, for sure, for sure?" I chuckled and assured her that I would come....subconsciously thinking of the journey I'd have to take to get there!

As promised I returned with the books. She was very thankful and gave a generous donation. We started a study with her and her sisters that day and have continued it ever since!

I also wanted to give an update on the young mom, Rosa that I had mentioned in a previous post. She still regularly holds her study and expresses her love for it every time! She has become one of my favorite studies. She has an incredible hunger for bible truth and a burning desire to do what Jehovah asks of her. She has even started having a weekly family worship night with her 2yr old daughter, Kenya with the bible stories book.

The other week we were studying about Jesus and went over the part about the cross. She was nearly disgusted with the fact that no one has told her that Jesus did not in fact die on a cross and on top of it all the cross is not even a biblical teaching but rather of pagan origen.

She says, "The majority of the people don't even realize this! Why?"

I reminded her that the "god of this system has blinded the minds of the unbelievers."

She sighs, looks down while shaking her head. She then looks at me, with pleading eyes and says, "What can we do to expose this lie, and tell everyone the truth?"

That simple question filled me with so much joy. With that kind of burning desire we will be welcoming a new publisher to Jehovah's organization very soon!!


Thursday, January 15, 2015

RTO - El Alto

     Among the many things within Jehovah’s organization that are impressive, one thing that has always stood out to me is how productive it is all around the world – all at the same time. For example, when I was in pioneer school, it was so encouraging and so much fun to be taking part in a school, receiving such a profound education. It required a lot of planning and organization among the brothers, among the circuit, among the district, etc. for it to run smoothly. However, during the same time period, our Assembly Hall in Aurora was being built. And, on the same note, that required even more planning on a national level. I remember thinking how amazing it was that this was all taking place at the same time around the world.
     Well now being on the other side of the world, literally, I’ve gotten to experience another outstanding aspect of Jehovah’s organization – helping at the construction site in El Alto for the Aymara Remote Translation Office. Here in Bolivia there are two main native dialects: Quechua and Aymara.  And the people who natively speak those languages have a very hard time speaking Spanish – if at all.  
     Being on the project was so amazing because it will be a very, very small branch. However, that doesn’t matter. All of the brothers and sisters, whether they are helping full-time or as volunteers, see the importance of this specific translation branch for the territory in Bolivia. And so does Jehovah. Though the branch is being built and its purpose is for a very small amount of people, it is still so important.
     Thus, the amazing part to me, among many things, is that this is happening around the world! I’m obviously biased to the work being done here in Bolivia, but there are so many projects unanimously being done by Jehovah’s loving direction. 



Monday, January 5, 2015

Sipe Sipe

As we have mentioned before, the territory here in Vinto is enormous - with several towns and pueblos. However, one of particular interest is a town called Sipe Sipe. Since we have arrived, in June 2014, there has been a lot of focus towards this town with the thought of soon starting a group. Well, during our past circuit overseer visit he mentioned that any time the branch asked him where there was need in the circuit, he sent every request to Vinto. Thus, we've had a couple from Finland move into our hall, a sister from Germany, a sister from Switzerland, and several sisters and couples from around Bolivia. Now there is extra support in Vinto and enough support for a group in Sipe Sipe. 

With these specific brothers and sisters focusing all their attention to Sipe Sipe, we are proud to announce that they held their first meeting ever on Sunday, January 5 at 5:00pm. With around 30 people in attendance, there were seven studies who came. The visiting brother, who gave the public talk, had given such loving forethought to what this particular audience would need to hear. He presented it beautifully with several illustrations and experiences from nearby towns. At one point he held up his Bible and said, "this book changes lives", while making direct eye contact with the studies who came. 

To say the least, it was such an amazing privilege to be there - to be part of something so special. The Watchtower that day had spoken of the growth we see in the organization around the world and how that's proof of Jesus backing and directing. Well that could not have been a more moving Watchtower for us on that day as we were sitting there together participating in the first meeting because though we were few all I could think about is how special these people will be as a congregation together and how fast it will grow from here.    

- Karly