Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Not too long ago I wrote a blog about the construction of the Aymara RTO branch and how amazing it was to see Jehovah’s loving hand in that to fulfill the spiritual need for a small percentage of people. Well, little did I know then that I would be greatly relying on the work from that particular RTO branch now.

I honestly feel inspired by the work that the brothers and sisters in that translation department do. They work so, so, so incredibly hard to provide the Aymara community with literature. And not only for the community but for us, for my congregation. It wouldn’t be possible to have our meetings in Aymara if it weren’t for this small group of brothers and sisters. It wouldn’t even be possible for me to preach here if it weren’t for them. Since I don’t speak this language well, I rely fully on the translated videos and publications.

In fact, March of this year was a huge accomplishment because on top of all the work that they already do they were able to start translating the entire Broadcasting into Aymara. Various congregations had showings of the Broadcasting in their local Kingdom Halls and sisters cried expressing how much they loved listening to the information in their language.

Sometimes speaking English feels like an unfair advantage because we’re the first to have everything. The new Bible. Broadcasting. Publications. The world headquarters. Did you realize that at most Aymara conventions, and Spanish too, that publications are announced, in English, but not always released electronically? Personally getting to know these brothers and sisters and work in service with them I’ve realized how much of a sacrifice they make when I hear that sometimes they work until three o’clock in the morning to meet deadlines and have literature ready for us. They truly dedicate all they have to Jehovah and his organization.

It’s been so encouraging working in this language because everyone truly feels like a small, close knit family. I have more grandmothers than I can count who constantly tell me to bundle up and won’t let go of my hands until my fingers are warm. And so many dads who tell me to be careful and that we constantly have to look out for one another and take care of each other. It’s besides the fact that I can barely speak their language but they show me so much love in so many ways and absolutely light up when I greet them in one of the few words that I know, “Kamisaki”.

All I can say is that there are so many more joys and blessing from Jehovah the more you give to him.   

With my mom visiting the RTO Aymara branch. The sister on the left is from Peru where they also speak Aymara. 

Sisters and brothers at the RTO branch

My service group in El Alto, Aymara

With a native sister on the translation team

At a welcoming party with sisters who work at the RTO

 Preaching in Aymara in Patacamaya

Informal witnessing in Patacamaya

Our congregation, Chijimarka, came to support our service group

Another party!

Mini Aymara sisters

Paola, from Argentina, with a native sister in our hall